Moov HR measures heart rate from the forehead during workouts – GadFit

By On October 24, 2016

Moov is no stranger to wearable tech having released the original Moov via crowdfunding, followed by an update release in the form of the Moov Now. Just a few days back, the company… Read More


Garmin Forerunner 35 – Runner Focused GPS Watch – User Review

By On October 22, 2016

Garmin’s latest Forerunner 35 blurs the distinction between higher end and entry level fitness devices. This might be Garmin’s latest experiment in sussing out a finicky the market; roll out a fitness tracker… Read More


Misfit Phase – Hybrid Smart Watch – News

By On October 20, 2016

The new Misfit Phase hybrid smart watch is a clear indication that Fossil, which acquired Misfit Wearables, is combining their watch expertise with Misfit’s wearable smarts. Put simply, it was a matter… Read More


Tigra Sport Trio 3-in-one fitness sensor – User Review

By On October 15, 2016

A while back, I was offered an opportunity to take a look at Tigra’s Trio 3-in-one fitness sensor ($99.95); an optical heart rate sensor that tracks cycling cadence and functions as a foot pod!… Read More


Polar M600 – Fitness Focused Android Wear – User Review

By On October 12, 2016

After the A360, fans of Polar were hungry for a wrist based heart rate fitness tracker with GPS functions. Something the likes of M400 or even the V800 with optical heart rate sensors.… Read More

Fitness Tracker buying guide

Best Heart Rate Fitness Tracker (Updated October 2016)

By On October 12, 2016

If you’re considering between a heart rate monitor and an activity tracker, you can get both now in the form of a heart rate fitness tracker. These days it’s not enough to… Read More


Oakley X Intel births the Radar Pace – Eye Wear for the Fitness Focused.

By On October 8, 2016

First it was MICA, then Curie and now it’s the new Oakley Radar Pace smart eye wear. Intel sure is keeping up the pace of establishing itself as the go-to solution for making… Read More


Polar M200 – Wrist Based Heart Rate GPS Watch with Entry Level Pricing.

By On October 6, 2016

With a new head at helm, Polar seems to be upping the rate at which its products are released. The new Polar M200 adds wrist based heart rate monitor and smart notifications… Read More


Zepp Play Soccer – The Wearable for Football

By On October 3, 2016

The new Zepp Play Soccer wearable promises to provide overall insights to your performance on the soccer pitch. This is the first time the company has delivered a product that moves away from… Read More


Garmin targets Kids’ activity levels with Vivofit Jr.

By On October 1, 2016

The domain of kids’ activity levels has traditionally been left in the hands of schools and Physical Education specialists and Garmin wants in now. The new Vivofit Jr. is Garmin’s answer to your… Read More


Bragi Headphone

By On September 25, 2016

Bragi is no stranger to the concept of wireless cord-free ear buds having mooted the idea via Kickstarter back in 2014. Based on feedback and lessons learnt from peddling their maiden product,… Read More


Withings Go – User Review

By On September 16, 2016

If I recall right, the Withings Go was the last activity tracker to be released by Withings before the company’s acquisition by Nokia. The Go activity tracker stood out in the sea… Read More