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June 5, 2017

Recently I noticed that I can successfully sync 3 Garmin wearables to my Garmin Connect account. This came across as a surprise because previously, the maximum number of devices I could add to my account was 2. Beyond that I actually had to remove a current device in order to pair another to my account. Since I own multiple Garmin wearables, I’d usually just connect the extra wearables via Garmin Express on the computer; a hassle but not a deal breaker.

Garmin connect increases devices

There wasn’t any notice or email about this update, it just pleasantly happened recently. Perhaps even a while back. Fitbit is already at the forefront of multi-devices syncing to a common account. In my opinion, Garmin was merely catching up, not setting the trend. Nevertheless, it is indeed a much welcomed update.

Increased number of devices to a single Garmin Connect aside, some features remain buggy and unresolved. Despite having the TrueUp feature implemented about 6 months back, the function remains strictly for all day activity tracking stats and not for physiological measurements across devices.

Garmin Connect TrueUP VO2max

For example, VO2 max estimations across devices remain locked within devices despite being registered to a single account.

Also last activity, history and achievements also remain on respective devices instead of being synced across devices. All 3 Fenix 5 watches in the picture above were synced to a common Garmin Connect account yet all 3 display differing VO2 max estimations.

Garmin Connect TrueUP last activity

I’m unsure if Garmin has intentions of fixing this; I’m waging a guess that the number of people with multiple Garmin wearables for activity tracking or sports tracking isn’t large to begin with. Thus the urgency to rectify this discrepancy remains non urgent. Would have been great if a common activity history or VO2 max estimation scored were displayed across devices.

A final thought. Surely the new Fenix 5 series and the Forerunner 935 are more capable than the Vivosmart 3 activity tracker. I’m just wondering what’s holding back Garmin from implementing the all day stress levels found in the latter. Now that would definitely be awesome.


  • Reply Marek April 10, 2018 at 4:59 am

    It is now April 2018 and this issue still hasn’t been fixed. Still no integration from multiple devices. What a disappointment. I regret owning so many Garmin devices.

    • Reply Michael S April 10, 2018 at 6:59 am

      Hi Marek,

      I too own multiple devices and had no issues with multiple devices syncing. I’m curious to know what troubles you’er facing specifically. Thanks!


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