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July 25, 2017

I got a quick peak at a new standalone optical heart rate sensor called the Polar OH1 just today. The original website is a German based online store and I was able to Google translate the details of this new product. Unfortunately details were quickly taken down and I’m writing from memory based on what I read. Subsequently I did find details of the Polar OH1 on a few other sites. Pictures were taken from GPS Rumours.

The Polar OH1 optical HR band will have 6 LEDs, just like the Polar M430 and Polar M600. The device is to be worn on the upper arm, like the Scosche Rhythm +, and is supposedly safe for swimming.

Polar OH 1 in story 1

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Wrist based HR measurements
  • 6 LED OHR
  • On Board storage for 150-200 hours of training
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Broadcasts to compatible Bluetooth enabled gym machines
  • Water proof to 30m
  • Battey life of 12 hours

Polar OH1 charging port

The HR measurements are recorded on device, implying stored memory of sorts just like the Polar H10. The move towards wrist based HR monitoring is to cater to triathletes who aren’t keen on chest strap HR monitors.

The Polar OH1 is Bluetooth enabled and will sync and record data to compatible iOS and Android devices. Based on what I saw, the disc shaped device resembles the Moov HR activity tracker in appearance.

Also, this wearable will transmit HR readings to compatible Bluetooth enabled gym machines. Now because it’s Bluetooth Smart, only a single connection can be maintained; either to mobile device or to gym machines.

The OH1 charges via a port with a USB extension which can be plugged directly to computer USB ports for charging and syncing.

As for pricing and release date, I didn’t recall seeing any of that.

Source: Cardio Fitness, GPS Rumours, Monte Cardio GPS

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  • Reply the5krunnner July 29, 2017 at 6:10 am

    it will probably do Bluetooth smart transmission and also the 5khz polar transmission bandwidth. charger port looks like a cutdown M200 and I missed it was for the upper arm. are you saying it’s forearm AND wrist? or just forearm?

    it will likely work with polar beat and will be able to be firmware updateable thru beat. like the H10.

    it’s an interesting beast. obviously polar could make it really easily. but they must have seen a market for this sensor (obviously) … i’m not quite sure in late 2017 what precisely that market(s) is/are.
    bizarrely the best fit might be for cycling with strava … but i’m not sure they primarily intend that. I suspect they are going for the gym/fitness class market.

    upper arm wearing will give them KUDOS points for optical accuracy (like scosche)…doing it in an easy place! maybe HRV as well?

    sub US$100???

    maybe a standalone device for swimming to sync back to BEAT on a smartphone? might that then imply that the replacement V800 has no optical??? (doubt it)

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