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November 2, 2017

Sensoria has been making news in the last few years with partnerships including the likes of  Genesis Healthcare, Microsoft and even Renault in releasing a special edition smart t-shirt with integrated heart rate sensors.

Today, the company that first came into the market with a pair of smart socks is announcing  a pair of smart running shoes that allows the user to employ tracked metrics in injury reduction.

sensoria core unit

By adding textile pressure sensors within the shoes together with the Sensoria Core sensor which is fixed on the heel of the shoe, the pair of footwear instantly smarts up.

sensoria smart shoe

And when connected to the award winning Sensoria® Run 2.0 mobile app, metrics such as pace, speed, ascent/descent, cadence, contact time, foot-landing technique and impact will be made available to the user. The AI coach on the mobile app will then provide real-time audio and visual feedback during your runs.

Once the shoe wears out, the sensor can be removed and attached to a new pair of shoes from Sensoria.

Sensoria Smart Running Shoe features:

  • Tracks pace, speed, ascent/descent, cadence, contact time, foot-landing technique and impact
  • 9-axis motion sensor + in-shoe pressure sensors
  • Core sensor unit has rechargeable battery, is splash proof and comes with Bluetooth Smart

sensoria smart shoe family

According to Sensoria, their smart running shoes are more accurate than any fitness band or smartwatch as they literally track your running at each step!

Smart running shoes with embedded core sensors are not new to the market with Under Armour having debuted their foot wear a while back. But Sensoria has certainly upped the game with their rendition of how a pair of smart running shoe should be.

The smart running shoe will eventually retail at $199 but you can pre-order now for a low price of just $99 with shoe and core sensor included. Pre-ordered shoes will ship in March 2018.

Source: Sensoria

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