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December 17, 2017

Women’s Wear Daily reported that Adidas has disbanded the business unit responsible for development of its fitness wearables.

Adidas was early to the fitness scene in 2001 with their line of Micoach devices that included the Smart Run GPS watch, chest strap heart rate monitors, and the Fit Smart watch which I reviewed a few years back.

Even as late April 2016, the company dabbled in fitness wearables monitoring systems for usage in schools. The news would imply consumers may never get to see the rumoured Chameleon HR fitness watch…or we still might.

The fitness wearable scene has seen consolidation of sorts with the entry of Apple and their focus on fitness and health. Their smart watch has provided the necessary hardware for most companies who are keen in analytics to hop on without reinventing the wheel.

When you combine the Apple Watch with a seamless user interface from the world’s most valuable company capable of utilising expertise from mobile device, music and entertainment, search via Siri and much more. It’s not hard to understand why other companies are simply left playing catch up.

The last 12 months has already seen companies like Jawbone, Mio Global, Basis Intel, Microsoft band, just to name a few, abandon the wearable hardware market.

Of the remaining players, Xiaomi is firmly in control of the low priced wearables segment and also have plans to expand their reach by offering slightly high end wearables such as the most recent Amazfit Pace 2. Their strategy has always been value-for-money.

Fitbit’s latest Ionic stormed to the market with many promises but lacked the backing enjoyed by the Apple Watch and is currently playing catch up to the Apple Watch platform.

Garmin has the advanced fitness wearable segment firmly cornered though the company has tried ways and means to reach out to the recreational fitness segment of consumers; via lower priced fitness wearables with high end health metrics such as HRV estimated stress levels and VO2 max.

Fossil made it to the top 5 wearable device companies for the first time with the numerous lines of fashion themed smart watches.

Will 2018 see further market shifts in the wearables segment? We should know come CES 2018 in early January.

Source: WMD

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