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May 10, 2017

Does Apple have plans to add sleep tracking to its wildly successful Apple Watch? The Cupertino company just acquired sleep tracking company Beddit as confirmed on Beddit’s private policy web page.

Last Revised: May 8, 2017

Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your personal data will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.

Beddit’s sleep tracking strap slips easily beneath the bed covers and tracks sleep via ballistocardiography measurements in the thin strip sensor. This allows the sleep tracker to function as a highly sensitive pressure sensor that detects the micro-movements of a human body. The tracked stats is then synced to Beddit’s mobile app. I reviewed the Beddit 2 system about 2 years back and am still using it to date, along with the Oura Ring.

List of features of Beddit 3

  • Tracks sleep metrics such as  heart rate, respiratory rate, snoring and ambient noise, sleep quality
  • No charging required, powered by external source
  • Piezo force sensor, capacitive touch sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor
  • Connects to many health and fitness apps such as Nudge, Sleepio and Apple Health.
  • Automatically senses and tracks sleep when a person lies down in bed
  • First dedicated sleep tracker to integrate with eClinicalWorks and Healow

Beddit has gone through 3 renditions of their sleep tracking device with the latest product the Beddit 3 unveiled late 2016. Based in Helsinki, Finland and, since 2015, Santa Clara, CA, Beddit was founded in 2006 and launched their maiden consumer product in the form of the Beddit sleep tracker through Indiegogo. Developed in cooperation with Helsinki Sleep Clinic, VitalMed Research Center and professor Markku Partinen; an expert in the field of sleep research. You can be assured there’s some hard science behind Beddit’s sleep monitoring.

The Apple Watch has always relied on 3rd party sleep tracking apps to fulfil the single feature that was starkly missing from its list of functions. Furthermore, Beddit as a candidate made logical sense since the company also had an Apple Watch app.

As to whether this acquisition will eventually endow the Apple Watch with much needed sleep tracking, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Source: Beddit

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