Thoughts on the Apple Watch 3 health monitoring potential.

May 20, 2017

There’s multiple news sources floating around this week suggesting Apple might be adding blood sugar monitoring, somewhat, to their Apple Watch 3 when it releases in Fall this year. The said tracker worn by Tim Cook apparently connects to the Apple Watch rather than being built into the watch. There’s also speculations the blood sugar monitoring tracker might eventually be built into the Apple Watch.

By including blood sugar monitoring capability in their wearables or specifically the Apple Watch, Apple would have blurred the line between fitness tracker and health devices, perhaps even bordering on clinical devices for the matter.

The impact is immense. For the user with diabetes, the wearable becomes an all day blood sugar monitoring device instead of the morning and evening finger pricks. The traditional blood sugar lancet with test strips will no doubt be given a shake up like how smart watches have affected the Swiss Watch industry. Doctors will potentially have regular readings from the patients who are using such devices. The list goes on and on.Apple watch series 2 in storyBlood sugar monitoring, if it takes off, is just a tiny blip in the Apple Watch’s features. Apple’s recent acquisition of Beddit is clearly a move to include sleep monitoring in their watches. Just weeks ago, a Health E-Heart study revealed that the Apple Watch is capable of detecting heart irregularity with 97 percent accuracy.

The game changer is really all day monitoring of health stats in the background. And at the end of it all, Apple Health becomes a mighty hub of data which practically stores a person’s health stats over time.

The Apple Watch generation 1 was forgettable, an experiment at best. Apple Watch Series 2’s focus on fitness rather than smart watch functions knocked Fitbit off the wearables first place. Blood sugar levels, sleep quantity and quality, potential for atrial fibrillation detection – Clearly Apple has its eyes on the health industry.

The formula is health and fitness monitoring on the wrist. It’s not a bold move. It’s strategic with long lasting benefits to both patients and Apple.



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