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February 12, 2018

The little red dot finally gets the little red dot. Back in September 2017, I got my hands on the Apple Watch Series 3 as soon as it was available in Singapore. Then I still recall speaking to one of the Apple service attendants in the flagship store and he hinted that it’s unlikely Singapore will get the cellular version. Fast forward 5 months, the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is available in Singapore!

The sole cellular plan provider at present is Singtel and their promotional numbershare plan is priced at $6.90 monthly. Upon signing up, the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular will function as an extension of the iPhone (assuming you’re also a Singtel mobile subscriber). So your new Apple Watch Series 3 cellular can now blaze at 4G speed independent of your iPhone.

For signing up with the numbershare plan, an additional 0.3GB mobile data will also be awarded to your main mobile line.

There isn’t much difference between the GPS only version and the GPS+cellular version besides the increased on board storage for the pricier version. But if you look at the subscription fees for the cellular Apple Watch based on Singtel’s numbershare plan, it’s going to add an additional $80 per year to your phone bill. This is on top of the fact that the cellular Apple Watch costs an additional $100 over the GPS-only version. Well, to each his own.

This time round, I wouldn’t be rushing out to get myself a unit for 2 main reasons.

To date, I still find it awfully uncomfortable to communicate over the speak phone, or in this case the Apple Watch. Sure I can connect a pair of Air pods but that would mean bringing lugging an additional item.

Secondly, the other key difference the cellular + GPS version has over the GPS-only version is the doubling of the on board storage. After a month of usage, I realised I still prefer music from multiple sources from my iPhone; Apple Music, Spotify and TuneIn radio app. The controls and scrolling was just much simpler.

That being said, I can’t help but notice the increasing number of people around me who have switched from Fitbit and Garmin to Apple. My personal experience with the Apple Watch Series 3 wasn’t outstanding – not because the watch wasn’t good but because I had specific needs.

For the general iPhone user looking to stay active and fashionably connected, an Apple Watch purchase is really a no brainer. The question is whether it comes with a red dot.

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