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February 21, 2015

I hope you’re ready for Apple watch.

I’ve always been an Android kind of guy. Never one to overpay for what’s necessary. Unfortunately that determination stops at Apple watch.

I’ve seen enough trackers to know the good, the bad and the ugly. And the Apple watch is all 3. It’s beautiful, fully customisable and functional, it’s pricey, and rumour has it the battery life is less than ideal.


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Like it or not, the Apple watch is the yardstick which most if not all fitness trackers and smart watches alike will be compared against. With the proprietary heart rate sensor, accelerometer, the Apple Watch taps on the iPhone’s GPS and WIFI to provide a measure of the day’s activities like walking, running and cycling.

Interestingly, press videos did not feature real time HR monitoring capability. Sleep monitoring is also prominently absent. Perhaps this is an area the Apple Watch apps will take care of. Engadget has word that the Apple Watch is merely water resistant and not waterproof. Alas.


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From screenshot captures, we can see the abundance of data presented in the Apple Watch. From daily details to weekly summary.


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Here we see amount of time spent on moving, exercising and standing. It appears there’s a timer function to manually track duration of exercise and a “halfway point” screen shot which presumably is the Apple Watch tapping on the iPhone’s GPS and WiFi.


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There are 3 editions; the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sports and the Apple Watch Edition. The Sport models have a composite back with hard coated optical polymer lenses. The make can vary from 316 stainless steel body to aluminum to 18 karat yellow gold depending on which model you buy or how deep your pockets are. There are also 2 sizes, 38mm and 42mm case, depending again on the edition purchased.

It remains to be seen how superior the health and fitness tracking component of the Apple Watch will be compared against established players like Fitbit and Jawbone who are no pushovers themselves.

Then again, health and fitness tracking is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Apple Watch can do.

The Apple Watch is available early 2015. As of press, price is not confirmed. I suggest you start saving up.

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