Basis Peak smarts up

May 21, 2015


First comes the hardware, then the firmware upgrade and eventually customisation. This sounds almost like what happens to every smart phone device out in the market. Just that in this case it’s the Basis Peak. Since its release about 6 month back, the Basis Peak activity tracker has received multiple firmware updates ranging from smartphone notifications display to the latest sharing of data with Apple Health and Google Fit. Read on.

The latest firmware update will bring integration with Apple Health and Google Fit. This will allow users to export data such as heart rate, steps, duration of activities, sleep to a common source together with caloric consumption from other 3rd party apps.


The newest update also brings about 3 new features. The first is a stopwatch with lap function which users have been asking for the longest time. Thank you Basis!

The other 2 features are more experimental in nature:

“1. Location. Get a subtle reminder of the location of each walk, run or bike ride in your activity feed. It’s a quick reference on where your activity and exercises has taken you.

 2. Photo Finish. A fun new way to track your mood after each activity. Simply snap a selfie and adjust the smile line to match your mood. You can then look for patterns over time.”

Now if only Intel Basis allowed the vibration function to be used for idle alerts and alarms, it would be all I’m asking for really.

Needless to say the newest firmware also promises more accurate heart rate readings.


With the major firmware update, Intel Basis also followed up with the release of a Basis Peak Titanium edition that’s priced at a cool $299.99. Other than the forged titanium casing, oiled leather strap and an additional SportVent strap for workouts, the Basis Peak titanium edition is essentially identical to the standard Peak activity tracker.


Users who are tired of the standard Basis Peak straps can look forward to more customisation options at a premium. Crafted from the finest Italian or American leather, the new straps are priced at $49.99 each.

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