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November 5, 2016

Nearly all fitness trackers these days double up as sleep trackers but let’s be honest, wouldn’t we want to track sleep without the need to wear any more hardware? The new Beddit 3 Sleep tracker ($149)does just that.

Based in Helsinki, Finland and, since 2015, Santa Clara, CA, Beddit was founded in 2006 and launched their maiden consumer product in the form of the Beddit sleep tracker through Indiegogo.beddit 3 sleep-tracker-sensor stripThe Beddit 3 sleep tracker comes in the form of a thin strip of sensor measuring 31.5 inches by 3.1 inches. At a mere 1.5mm thick, it fits snugly under the sheets. This thin strip tracker will record the complexities of your sleep and have the data ready for you in the morning.

The Beddit 3 sleep tracker utilises ballistocardiography measurements in the thin strip sensor. This allows the sleep tracker to function as a highly sensitive pressure sensor that detects the micro-movements of a human body. The tracked stats is then synced to Beddit’s mobile app.

The Beddit 3 also works in tandem with the connected smart phone device to track snoring, the bane of good sleep for you and your partner. All being said, Beddit’s sleep tracker has to be powered by plugging the USB end to a power source.beddit 3 sleep-tracker-app

List of features of Beddit 3

  • Tracks sleep metrics such as  heart rate, respiratory rate, snoring and ambient noise, sleep quality
  • No charging required, powered by external source
  • Piezo force sensor, capacitive touch sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor
  • Connects to many health and fitness apps such as Nudge, Sleepio and Apple Health.
  • Automatically senses and tracks sleep when a person lies down in bed
  • First dedicated sleep tracker to integrate with eClinicalWorks and Healow

beddit 3 sleep-tracker-unboxingI had the opportunity to use an older version of the Beddit tracker back in 2014. Back then I was already impressed with what the sleep tracker was able to record throughout the night; I found out I snored and slept better with the air conditioner switched on. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of the adhesive strips that attached the original Beddit sleep tracker to the bed.

While I regularly scoff at the “sleep data” that fitness trackers collect; usually in the form of body movement during sleep to suggest sleep quality. The Beddit sleep system was one of the 2 devices that caught my attention, the other being the now defunct Basis Watch.

The new Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker is worth a look if you’re looking out for sleep trackers backed by research. Beddit 3 will be available in Apple Stores, Amazon and towards the end of November 2016 at the RRP of $149.

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