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November 23, 2017

It’s Black Friday so time to pull the trigger on that piece of fitness wearable you’ve been eyeing. The offers have more or less surfaced and finalised so I’ve done up a short list of whatever’s available. The list contains the usual suspects like Garmin, Polar and Suunto along with Fitbit and maybe some other peripheral tech devices.

As always, I’d check the price on the respective only store websites before checking again on other major online stores such as Amazon. With a cashback credit card in tow, we’re looking at some serious savings and gifting. Here goes:


fitbit black friday

I’m seeing some serious price cuts on Fitbit devices this time round. the immensely popular and functional Fitbit Charge 2 is going for $99, a drop of a full $50 off the standard price of $149.95. Worth a look if you’re on the market for all day activity trackers. A few other trackers in Fitbit’s arsenal are also taking huge cuts off retail pricing. The latest Fitbit Ionic isn’t going for any discounts though.

Check out my reviews of the Fitbit wearables here.


The Fenix 5 series have already taken $100 off the recommended retail pricing of between $599-$699. So a standard Fenix 5 without frills will now cost $499 instead of $599. Garmin has also taken $20 off the newest Vivofit Jr 2 and more. No such luck for the Forerunner 935 though. Pity, would’ve flown off the shelves. You can also head over to Garmin’s online store to check out their deals. I’m listing the better offers from Amazon here.

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With the exception of the newest Suunto Spartan Trainer and the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro, most of Suunto’s Spartan devices are going for deep discounts, up to 50% off! Honestly, it’s some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. For example, the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Copper Edition is going for a mere $326.66 (Original price $549)  after using promo code “XTERRA15”.  Check out my reviews of the Suunto wearables here.

suunto black friday

The Black Friday deals are valid in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia only.


polar black friday

Was looking for something more impressive but Polar’s offering appears subdued in comparison to  Garmin and Suunto. The M200, M460 and H10 chest strap HR monitors are going for 25% off and the discount is only available on Polar’s online stores. Check out my reviews of the Polar wearables here. 


stryd black friday

Stryd power meters are pricey little gadgets that usually go for $199 each. From now until 27th November Monday, get two stryds for $300 with code BLACKFRIDAY at STRYD.COM/GIVE
Stryd ships worldwide and will arrive well before the holidays.


Amazfit Black Friday

Use code THANKS during checkout to enjoy 30% off all Amazfit products at Amazfit’s online store.  The promotion is active now and lasts through Dec 4th. International orders can currently only be processed via PayPal payment. This promotion is also available on Amazon starting Black Friday with Amazon Prime shipping.

Misfit Wearables

misfit black friday

Think Misfit Phase, Command or any of the activity trackers. Then subtract 40% off the list price. That’s what’s Misfit’s offering for Black Friday and it’s darn attractive. The only device not on sale is the Misfit Vapor smart watch.

Check the online store for more details.

Happy shopping!

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