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November 17, 2017

Bose is no stranger to making great audio products but when it heads into uncharted domain, the company has a novel way of getting consumer feedback; by crowdfunding. Their new Bose noise masking sleepbuds was placed on Indiegogo a week ago and as of press, is completely sold out with more than 20 days to go. Yep, you heard me right, sold out on a crowdfunding platform.

Bose isn’t in dire financial situation and doesn’t need the money like typical startups do. But they decided to use Indiegogo as a test bed because they believe prototype users are usually more motivated in providing feedback or using the product rigorously.

Either way, when the product is  backed by an industry known name like Bose and going at a huge discount, it will sell out. So rather than see this as a prototype purchase, think of it as paying to be a participant in an exclusive test.

bose noise masking with app

The tiny pair of sleepbuds features built-in flash memory with pre-loaded soothing sounds which help to mask noise disturbances along with the attenuating ear tips. The accompanying Bose Sleep mobile app allows the user to customise alarms to wake up to or customise settings on the pair of sleepbuds.

The Bose noise masking  sleepbuds are good for two nights of use with the charging case providing an additional full charge.

If you’re looking at streaming music from your own mobile device, uploading your own sound files, or even using the Bose noise masking sleepbuds for other purposes, you’d be disappointed. The sleepbuds were engineered specifically to tackle noise in the bedroom yet stay small and comfortable. With those considerations in mind, streaming or uploading your own music went out the window.

bose noise masking on model

The whole idea of squeezing a pair of earbuds into the ears while we sleep is unnerving; conjuring up thoughts of pain and discomfort which surely is the antithesis of what Bose hopes to do. We should know the outcome soon since the noice masking sleepbuds will ship in February 2018.

I missed my chance to fund the sleepbuds but I’ll be keeping a close watch on this.

You can head over to Bose’s Indiegogo campaign page to drool over the details of the sleepbuds. (RRP $249) But as I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s sold out

Source: Indiegogo

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