Coros Apex firmware update 2.19.0

January 4, 2020

Just before 2019 ended, Coros Global gave the Apex series of watches a nice firmware update.

The features on this update was first pushed to the Vertix and Apex Pro but was released to the Apex series (both 42 and 46mm) on 31st December. Coros Pace will also be receiving an update some time in January 2020 but will not be getting the winter modes due to hardware limit.

I reside in Singapore and have little to no use for the 4 new winter sports modes. But, here there are for reference.

coros apex winter modes

The implementation of Beidou opens up the potential for better tracking accuracy.

I did a quick check of the number of satellites on GPS, GPS+GLONASS, and GPS+Beidou over a span of 10 minutes. GPS+Beidou got me the maximum number of satellites in view and good signal. More than just GPS and GPS+GLONASS.

coros apex satellite map

I thought the satellite map is an interesting feature that allows the user to check which combination of GNSS works best in their areas. For the longest time, I’ve relied strictly on GPS only as that gave me the best performance based on user experience. Now, I can factually assess.

Nicely done Coros.

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