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December 18, 2017

It’s been 4 years since this website came into existence and I’ve had the good fortune of using numerous wearables for training – more than a hundred on last count. Now I wouldn’t dare compare GadFit with other influential wearable sites. However I believe my user experience over the years does qualify me to conjure up that dream smart watch I have in mind which has eluded me all this while. dream smart watch
So as a final post for 2017 before this website takes a break to pursue other aspects of life besides wearables and health, I wanted to depict what my ideal fitness smart watch would look like.

Now that we’ve come to the end of 2017, I highly doubt there are any further surprise GPS watch releases so I declare Suunto’s Spartan watches the best looking ones out there this year. A tad big but gorgeous with beautiful typography that takes your breath away.

I’ll be honest with you, I still can’t forget that lap summary I saw on the Suunto Spartan Sport HR, my first Suunto ever. I reserve my judgement about the user experience of the hardware and software capability of their Movescount platform. But in terms of aesthetics, definitely a dash of Suunto.

I like what Apple has done with its partnerships with Dexcom and Stanford University in tackling diabetes management and atrial fibrillation detection. While not official partnerships per se, Apple Watch has also birthed the first FDA approved watch band for, again, A-fib detection.

Plus there are countless apps out there making use of data from Apple Watch in terms of health improvement. In terms of long term health management, Apple is light years ahead and my dream smart watch would include this aspect of Apple’s.

Garmin Forerunner 935 TE

Garmin has got the performance end of GPS watches all figured out. Their Foreruner 935 is an impeccable training companion device that I was frankly ashamed to wear at times; it’s akin to using Apple’s monolithic Mac Pro for typing word documents only. But since it’s for a dream wearable, I have no qualms deferring to Garmin for training and workout usage.

I always appreciated Garmin’s (and Firstbeat’s) advanced training metrics with VO2 max and recovery scores, multi sport modes and more. Definitely Garmin to power the training features on my dream smart watch.

fitbit ionic first feature

The king of all day activity tracking has taken some severe pummeling in 2017 compared to 3 years ago. Yet one cannot deny the superiority of Fitbit’s mobile app platform and how much ahead the company is in terms of all day activity tracking.

The mobile app is concise and clean in comparison to the competition and Fitbit is the single company so far that has come forward to declare their wearables reasonably accurate in determining sleep stages normal adult sleepers. It’s got to be Fitbit for all day activity tracking needs.

Pricing. Xiaomi. Enough said.

So is it too much to ask? A fitness smart watch that resembles a Suunto Spartan, functions like a Garmin for workout recording, all day activity tracking a la Fitbit, and health monitoring features of the Apple Watch. But most importantly, at a killer price that only Xiaomi can deliver.

Yeah, I think that’s too much to ask, even for 2018 🙁

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