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September 21, 2017

Got back pain? Then you should take a look at the Drim Drum. Created by Roman Wojcinowicz, a physiotherapist by training, the Drim Drum was developed as complete solution in the fight against back pain. I’m a strong believer in the teachings of Dr Stuart McGill when it comes to exercises that protect the back and I personally thought the Drim Drum resembled the McGill Curl Up in concept. (Watch the linked YouTube video from 3 minutes onwards)

Drim Drum used by model

Contrary to exercises you commonly see on social media channels that flatten the spine or try to fill the empty space between the lower back and floor through flexion when one is lying down, the Drim Drum device maintains the natural curve of the lower back during 2DD and 6DD; Drim Drum’s special abdominal exercises.

For just 2 minutes a day and by focusing on the quality of the exercise while maintaining the natural curvature of the spine with the Drim Drum, one can achieve the desired effects of loosening the lower back and strengthening the abdominal muscles as a whole. (Rectus abdominis, obliques, and TVA)

Drim Drum creator

“I tried to create the device that will be perfect for busy people with back problems who work a lot in sitting position and have very little time to go to the specialists or can’t afford expensive treatment. After years of development I finally succeeded. Drim Drum is simple, but it’s absolutely perfect. You need only two minutes of light workout per day at home to improve the condition of your back” – says Roman Wojcinowicz, physiotherapist and Drim Drum creator.

Drim Drum versions

The Drim Drum comes in 2 sizes for different weight groups. (Yellow for 50-85kg or Orange for 85-120kg)

The Drim Drum just commenced their Kickstarter a day back and pledging £38 will get you a Drim Drum version of your choice along with the 2DD training videos. That’s a cool 68% off retail.

To find out more, head over to Drim Drum’s Kickstarter page.

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