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July 16, 2017

Lately I’ve been receiving requests to post crowdfunding projects on this site. This week, I chanced upon the ECG-Guard, a small yet powerful health monitoring systems that just about does everything possible from a consumer quantification point of view.

The company behind this crowdfunding efforts, SR-Medizinelektronik (or SRM) has been involved in the development and distribution of medical ECG products since 2003. A quick check on their website reveal that they currently have a miniature Holster system called the TwinTrac which appears to be the inspiration for the ECG-Guard.

ECG-Guard worn on chest

What caught my eye about the ECG-Guard is the numerous functions the wearable promises to do; which would have been possible only if you purchased multiple trackers.

For starters, there’s clinical grade ECG readings, body surface temperature sensor accurate to 0.1°C, advanced sleep monitoring, stress detection, posture control, and long term ECG recording.

ECG-Guard unit and adhesive electrodes

SRM is offering backers both adhesive electrodes and chest straps for wearing the ECG-Guard, the latter which I assume would be more ideal for sports related activities.

ECG-Guard long term ECG recordings

The data is then synced to compatible mobile devices where users may pour over like a child reviewing his trading cards.

As a bonus, the app will track and alarm you when abnormal beats or arrhythmia are being detected, and in case of a severe cardiac event ECG-Guard may even automatically initialize an emergency call (feature requires additional subscription services, parent consent required, if applicable, not available in every country).

ECG-Guard Sport and Sleep graph

ECG-Guard Features:

  • ECG monitoring during sporting activities (ECG data with clinical accuracy)
  • Long Term ECG (Holter)
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Stress Testing
  • Posture Control
  • Body Temperature monitoring
  • Internal flash based memory for storage of continuous data for up to 24 hours
  • Vibration enabled
  • Bluetooth 5.0

The wearable is powered by a user replaceable AAA battery; probably a good indication of the size of this gizmo which weighs 30 grams. I can imagine using the adhesive pads to sleep and the chest straps for all day wear.

Early prototype production seems to suggest the company has got the product details ironed out and the only roadblock is literally the success of the crowdfunding efforts.

You can net yourself a unit of the ECG-Guard for the princely sum of €329. The Kickstarter project didn’t list if the ECG-Guard is going to be Apple Health or Google Fit compatible. I’d like to think that might have more sway on people putting their money on this wearable.

For more details, head over to SRM’s ECG-Guard Kickstarter page.

Source: SR-Medizinelektronik

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