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November 4, 2017

This might come as a surprise to some but for a company that’s more commonly associated with printing supplies, Epson is no stranger to the world of fitness wearables. Today, the company announced the Epson Prosense line of GPS watches, touting plenty of in house created technology that’s set to impress.

What’s key here is the term “in house built.” The GPS chipset is built from the ground up by Epson engineers. As such, Epson is able to input their clever position algorithms, stride sensors using Bayesian learning, and Assisted GPS that updates automatically to speed up signal acquisition.

And according to Epson, their in-house produced CardioSense wrist based HR measuring tech is the most accurate and reliable the company has ever offered.

When we combine the GPS chipset, CardioSense, impressive battery life, with the all new Epson View mobile app, we can easily understand why Epson is confident in their line of Prosense watches. Even the Pro Silicone wristbands on select models have been thoughtfully engineered to provide better comfort and heart rate accuracy.

Epson Prosense 367 features:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Ultra long GPS battery life
  • Lightweight designand water resistant
  • EasyView display with easy-to-read mineral screen
  • CardioSense Wrist-based heart rate monitor
  • Supports running, cycling, swimming and indoor workouts
  • Syncs data to the Epson View App
  • Smart notifications and music control
  • Advanced training features such as VO2max estimate, recovery time and training effect metrics, along with interval training, workout alerts and waypoint navigation

Meb Keflezighi – a winner of the Boston and New York City marathons and silver-medal winner in the 2004 Olympic marathon – has been testing and using the ProSense 307 said, “Epson has been a great partner for me in my training for many years now. Their innovation in GPS technology and creating solutions for runners and endurance athletes has helped me immensely in my demanding, day-to-day race preparations.”

epson prosense family

Essentially, well thought wearable from the ground up. I’m pretty excited to get a unit to try myself.

The Epson Prosense line has 5 different lines with some colour variation offerings.

Pricing is decent with the entry level Epson Prosense 17, absent of wrist HR measurement, priced at a mere $99.99. The most expensive model is the Epson Prosense 367 ($399.99) which boasts industry leading battery life of up to 46 hours with GPS turned on. Some models in the line-up also feature advanced running metrics such as VO2 max, training effect and race time estimates.

You can check out the entire Epson Prosense line of watches on Amazon now.

Source: Epson

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