Epson Runsense 110. Activity Tracker with GPS functions.

August 23, 2015


Epson just released a new product aimed at the health and fitness conscious. The new Epson Runsense 110 is a GPS enabled watch with activity tracking capabilities. Metrics tracked include steps taken, calories burned, distance, pace, time, laps, altitude and more.

There are some customisable aspects to the watch. Users can set three customizable screens that include up to nine real-time measurements on the easy-to-read LCD display. Also the Epson Runsense comes in green, blue and black.

Tracked data is synced with the Epson Run Connect mobile app which is available on both iOS and Android devices. The Epson Runsense 110 is alss compatible with popular running apps such as MapMyRun®, Strava™ and others. An optional heart rate monitor strap provides heart rate data when connected to the Epson Runsense 110 watch.


List of features:

  • GPS tracking — track your route and distance run via a highly-accurate sensor that quickly locates the nearest signal
  • Track daily steps — built-in accelerometer counts every step
  • Count daily calories — identify how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day
  • Lap timer — keep track of your time, lap by lap
  • Supports popular running apps — easily transfer your data to MapMyRun, Strava™ and others
  • Long battery life — seven days of fitness tracking and 10 hours with GPS on
  • Small, lightweight and water resistant — won’t interfere with your workout
  • Easy-to-read LCD display — view real-time data
  • Available in three stylish colors — choose the look that fits you best

The Epson Runsense 110 is the first of Epson’s line of health and fitness devices that pairs activity tracking with a standard GPS enabled watch. Previous activity trackers like the Pulsense Band and Pulsense Watch looked straight out of a science fiction movie. Perhaps Epson was ahead of its time but I personally thought the new Runsense 110 looked more palatable to the masses. There’s lack of smart phone notifications so that’s going to make other trackers in the market like the year old Polar M400 or the upcoming Garmin Forerunner 25 slightly more attractive compared to the Epson Runsense 110.

The Epson Runsense 110 is retailing at $169.99 and is currently out of stock on

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