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March 7, 2017

Fitbit took their best selling Alta fitness tracker and imbued it with optical heart rate sensors. The newest Fitbit Alta HR lay claims to being the world’s slimmest fitness wristband with continuous heart rate. Interestingly the version without optical heart rate sensors is going for a mere $20 lesser than the one with. Fret not, the accessories are inter-changeable. 

Like its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta HR features wristband customisation and Fitbit staples such as PurePulse heart rate technology, Smart Track automatic exercise recognition, and one of largest social fitness networks in the world. Fitbit Alta HR feature-3It should come as no surprise why the easy-to-accessorise Fitbit Alta is one of Fitbit’s best selling wearables. It’s svelte, heavily customisable, and tracks all day activity like a workhorse. Naturally, adding heart rate monitoring along with advanced sleep tracking metrics is the only way forward to upgrade this wearable.The key feature is really how Fitbit has incorporated a more detailed sleep analysis utilising Fitbti Alta HR’s optical heart rate sensors and accelerometer. Users can then access advanced sleep metrics such as light, deep and even REM sleep with Fitbit’s proven algorithm.

Fitbit Alta HR Features

  • All day activity tracking. Records heart rate, steps, distance, calorie burn, active minutes
  • Wrist based heart rate measurements
  • Tap display
  • SmartTrack™ automatic exercise tracking records activities like walking, running, cycling, elliptical, sports and aerobic workouts in the Fitbit app
  • Advanced sleep tracking metrics such as light, deep and REM sleep
  • Sleep insights provide personalised guidance for sleep improvements
  • Sedentary alerts
  • Call, text and calendar notifications
  • Vibration enabled
  • Wireless sync via Bluetooth
  • Up to 7 days battery life

The soon to be released Fitbit Alta HR ($149.95) and Fitbit Alta HR Special Edition ($179.95) is currently available for pre-orders and should see commercial availability in April 2017.

It’s pretty amazing how much features Fitbit has managed to squeeze into the Alta HR. Yet it remains to be seen if another rendition of a fitness focused wristband will help Fitbit claw back market share amidst the battle with fitness focused smart watches from the likes of Apple, Android Wear 2.0 and Garmin.

Source: Business Wire

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