Fitbit app update – You’re challenged!

October 12, 2014

The latest Fitbit app update delves deeper in the realm of gamification. Instead of merely ranking you against your friends (or frenemies) you have the option of throwing down your gauntlet at the most worthy amongst your list to one of three challenges.

screen capture fitbit app

The new “Challenges” tab on the Fitbit app menu.

Unlike the Garmin Connect app where you’re automatically pit against people over the world who are seemingly in the same step range as you. Fitbit allows you to challenge only the people who are on your list of friends.

fitbit challenge beta screen capture

The three main challenges in the beta update.

The three main challenges should encompass the main groups of Fitbit users; those who need motivation for a day, weekdays or even the weekends. It’s a welcome Fitbit app update that’s not seen before in other wearables apps. There’s even rules and regulations to give this challenge feature some form of legitimacy.

rules fitbit app screen capture

Gameplay and Rules for joining “Weekend warrior” challenge.

The birth of the iOS Healthkit has seen wearable tech companies like Jawbone, Withings, Misfit Wearables and Garmin implement access to the Apple initiative, except Fitbit. With the rumoured online buzz of the Fitbit Pulse, Charge and Surge, it seems Fitbit might have more up its sleeves than we know of. This latest update is available on both compatible iOS and Android.

Let the games begin.

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