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September 9, 2017

About a week back, Fitbit announced 3 products comprising a flag ship smart watch, a Bluetooth wireless earphones, and finally an upgraded weighing scale. The new Fitbit Aria 2 connected weighing scale ($129.95) touts improved accuracy and updated user interface to attract people looking to upgrade to a smart scale or those who are plugged into Fitbit’s ecosystem.

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According to Fitbit, the Aria 2 weighing scale is compatible with all the Fitbit products via the Fitbit mobile app. So users can conveniently peruse all their tracked stats under one roof. The Fitbit Aria 2 weighing scale then work in unison with Fitbit’s mobile app to help users create achievable goals based on insights from data, and health and fitness objectives.

“Our users have great success when using our app, trackers and scale together to help achieve their health and fitness objectives, with 70% of daily Aria users losing weight in the first six months,” said Jon Oakes, VP of Product at Fitbit. “With a simplified set-up and best-in-class accuracy, Aria 2 is a complement to the Fitbit portfolio of leading health and fitness products, giving you another tool to stay accountable and be empowered to achieve your goals.”

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Fitbit Aria 2 features:

  • Measure body composition such as weight, body fat %, lean mass and BMI
  • Greater accuracy
  • Improved interface
  • Data is synced to Fitbit mobile app
  • FDA regulated medical device
  • Bluetooth and Wifi enabled
  • Recognises up to 8 different users

Despite the improved features, Fitbit’s latest Aria 2 appears to be playing catch up to Nokia’s Body Cardio scale released more than a year ago in terms of hardware specs; the latter automatically recognises 8 users including a baby mode, and also measure Pulse Wave Velocity.

Nevertheless the new Aria 2 scales might be worth considering if you’re deeply entrenched in Fitbit’s ecosystem of products. The new Fitbit Aria 2 weighing scale is priced at $129.95 and is currently available for pre-order.

Source: Fitbit

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