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October 26, 2017

When Fitbit announced their Ionic smart watch and Flyer earphones along with the Aria 2 smart scale, they also mentioned a soon to be available Fitbit Coach platform – a personalised fitness app.

Well the Fitbit Coach service is now available at a yearly subscription of $39.99; working out to less than $3.50 per month. And in return for the subscription, users can access Fitbit’s unlimited adaptive video workouts* and audio coaching.*

According to Fitbit, the type and level of workout is controlled by the user. Based on feedback given during workouts, the session will evolve accordingly based on goals and fitness levels.

The key feature is that the app allows the user to workout anywhere and anytime.

Fitbit Coach app features:

  • Choose from multiple trainers & activity levels
  • Listen to Fitbit Radio with 7 stations
  • Pick from indoor & outdoor workouts
  • Active internet connection required for use
  • Available on iOS devices and Android phones and computers

fitbit coach on computer

Besides the choice of workouts, users can also access Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic/Dance, Throwback (80’s, 90’s, 2000’s), Power Mix, and Cardio Mix music playlists on Fitbit radio with tracks by popular artists. Powered by, Fitbit Radio is only available to Fitbit Coach users in the US.

Fitbit has stated that their team is working hard to ensure Fitbit Radio is available in more countries.

And no, you don’t need the premium Fitbit Ionic or Flyer earphones to subscribe to the Coach service; the videos and Fitbit’s wearables run independently.

*Video workouts available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Audio Workouts available in English only—French and German coming soon.

Source: Fitbit

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