Fitbit for Windows

July 30, 2014
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Fitbit Dashboard for Windows phones.

Companies that peddle fitness wearables typically launch their apps for iOS platform, followed by Android platform due to the fragmentation. Windows? Well…

2 days ago, Fitbit completed the grand slam of having an app for their fitness trackers on iOS, Android and Windows platform by releasing the Windows phone 8.1 Fitbit app.

The Fitbit app for Windows phone 8.1 offers real time syncing via Bluetooth 4.0 on select Windows phones running version 8.1.

You’ll also get the full suite of functions such as access to historical stats, motivational notifications and badges, leadership board challenges and the capability to log workouts and food intake.

You can also see the daily activity progress on the Windows Live tiles without even opening the app, similar to the widget on the Android platform.

Oh did we mention it’s free? Get your Fitbit for Windows here.

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