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December 6, 2017

In my user review of the Fitbit Ionic, I found the wearable sorely lacking in terms of a positive user interface experience and mobile app plaform when compared to the competition. But it seems the smart watch is doing very well on Amazon and helped Fitbit regain much needed market share.

fitbit ionic new apps

Today, Fitbit released the first OS update for their maiden smart watch, promising “…60 apps now available across a wide range of categories, 100+ clock faces, and enhanced performance.

I updated my Fitbit Ionic and managed to see some news apps and plenty of new watch faces; a far cry from the early days when the Ionic had less than 20 watch faces for selection.

Some of the announced apps are still country restricted so the entire list of goodies is pretty much dependant on where you reside. In Singapore, there’s still no Pandora nor Starbucks.

You can click here to check on all the new apps with this OS update.

On top of Pandora, Fitbit is also partnering with Deezer to bring about music streaming for its users all over the world. Naturally this would have been the right move to make considering Pandora is only available in the US for now. The press release hints of downloadable music for offline listening without mobile device slated for 2018, likely accompanied with a premium.

fitbit ionic new apps and watch faces

The other exciting thing bit about the new OS update is the introduction of Fitbit Labs. Think of it as an outfit that can quickly dream up and create innovative apps and watch faces for Fitbit users.

Such as virtual pets that are dependant on the user clocking steps to feed them. Or 2 minutes game played on the Fitbit Ionic that tests your ability to rapidly switch between tasks.

fitbit lab overlay

Over time, your “performance” at Fitbit Labs apps can then be overlay on tracked sleep data so the user can make sense of holistic performance.

Definitely something unique in the market so far. Hopefully a sign of more good stuff to come from Fitbit.

Source: Business Wire

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