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January 31, 2017

About 3 years back, I chanced upon the opportunity to use the VERT Jump tracker for use in my Physical Education classes and was impressed at the responsiveness and ease of use of the tiny device. Since then, the company has delved into team systems and involved themselves in some researches to provide validation for their products. Recently, I heard the company is releasing another product called he G-VERT, adding more measurable stats in the process.

The new G-VERT appears near identical to the original VERT and is heavily compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads only. Android users are out of luck.

The original VERT was worn at the waist via a provided waist strap or a clip. By all counts, the new G-VERT looks to be similar. G-vert feature

G-VERT Features:

  • Stress percentage: Measures low and high intensity of each movement
  • Power: Measures explosiveness in watts/lb
  • Energy: Measures how hard you worked in joules/lb
  • Jump: Measures the frequency and height of vertical jumps
  • Asymmetry: Know your body symmetry for peak athletic performance

To date, I still use the original VERT jump tracker I purchased 3 years ago in my line of work. Very few devices on the market work so easily and seamlessly when needed to, especially in a class context.

But putting the jump tracker to practical use highlighted a major flaw of this wearable. I have bigger sized students who regularly dispense more power when they jump but clock lower vertical jump height compared to their peers.

Students being students tend to associate the inability to clock high scores in any events as lack of athleticism or simply being overweight.

As a result, I had to do my fair bit of research and mitigate this phenomenon by converting the vertical jump height to power. I also used the opportunity to educate the students about strength-to-bodyweight ratio and absolute strength. This is also why I’m excited about the new G-VERT and its list of measurable; especially power output.

The G-VERT is available for pre-order at the RRP of $149.99 now.

Source: VERT

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