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October 24, 2017

So I woke up this morning to a surprising press release from Garmin announcing the availability of a bat sensor for baseball and softball use. And this was exactly what I did thereafter. Read up about the new Garmin Impact ($149.99) bat sensor, placed my order immediately; I’m genuinely excited.

Truth be told, I’m not merely purchasing the bat sensor for review purposes. As a teacher in a Singapore school, I manage a team of student softball players and have had the opportunity to use both Blast Motion and Zepp bat sensors.

While the kids were excited initially with both the Blast motion and Zepp sensors, it became tedious to use since both devices required an active connected mobile device. What the Garmin Impact sensor has over the other two sensors is the on device display that instantly delivers key metrics and feedback after every swing – without the need to view a phone or tablet. And that’s powerful.

Garmin Impact Bat sensor features:

  • For both baseball and softball use
  • On device display
  • Measures Bat speed, Hand speed, Time to impact, Elevation angle, Attack angle
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Compatible with Garmin Impact mobile app

garmin impact mobile app

When used together with the free Garmin Impact app, the user can access more in depth swing data or use it to video capture each swing. Furthermore, coaching tips and drills developed by professional hitting coaches and tailored to your player profile are offered after every 3 swings.

Garmin Impact bat sensor views

What I particularly like is how individual profiles can be created for multiple batters that include age, baseball or softball and skill level, and the app will then determine swing metrics for comparison.

The Garmin Impact bat sensor is readily available as of publication.

Aside from the surprise bat sensor announcement, Garmin’s Instagram profile also added a picture of a diver; probably indicative of a dive watch in the near future (30th October 2017). This is on top of the Alexa powered Garmin Speak speakers for cars which was announced just a few weeks back. Garmin has clearly set its sights beyond GPS navigation and wearables.

Source: Business Wire

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