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September 5, 2017

Garmin has a few updates coming up, including one for their Fenix 5 series and the Forerunner 935 which might make a previously good fitness focused wearable even better.

Let’s look at the Garmin’s Connect mobile app first. For starters, users can now create customised workouts and round trip routing right on Garmin Connect mobile and thereafter transfer it to compatible devices. I received an app update on 31st August 2017 with this feature so I’d thought I’ll just post it there. As with all new mobile app updates, bugs can be expected.

garmin connect mobile app workout creation 1

Navigate to “Workouts”on Garmin Connect mobile app and select the “+” sign on the top right hand corner. At present, there are 6 types of workouts to choose from including a “Custom” option.

Choose the type of workout and set the number of reps or the duration to work out to. Upon completion, the created workout can be transferred to compatible Garmin devices.

garmin connect mobile app workout creation 2

I was able to transfer a “Custom” workout to my Garmin Fenix 5 but 2 other workouts I created, a cardio and strength workout, were listed as incompatible for now. This is with a Garmin Fenix 5 mind you, Garmin’s flagship. I like to think it’s a bug for now.

Also, it’s important I stress that the transferring took place without the USB cable. Previously created workouts could only be transferred laboriously via Garmin Connect web. So this feature is certainly welcomed if it’s running full steam and working right.

garmin connect mobile app route creation

As for the creation of round trip routing. I could access the feature on my mobile device but could never successfully create any routes despite trying various permutations of options. I was able to create routes with the Fenix 5X so I’d like to believe this isn’t a geography locked feature.

all dat stress readings

The other key update I caught online is the availability of the all-day stress readings and Four-Fold Breath relaxation timer for the Fenix 5 series and the Forerunner 935.

When I reviewed both line of products previously, I was perplexed why an all-day stress reading feature from the entry Vivosmart 3 was absent from Garmin’s top of the line wearables. Surely it’s just a software update I thought.

Well, it’ll be implemented some time next month 🙂

Source: Garmin, Android Authority

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