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January 3, 2018

Garmin’s Vivofit series of activity trackers was first announced back in 2014 and has seen upgrades nearly every year around May/June. About a week ago Garmin announced the Vivofit 4. Interestingly, this wearable wasn’t announced at the upcoming CES 2018 but was made just before 2017 ended, and roughly 6 months later than the usual “refresh” date of the Vivofit series.

The new Vivofit 4 comes with a few upgrades over its predecessor. For starters, there’s a mildly larger coloured display which can now show the weather information when connect to a compatible mobile device. The Toe-to-toe feature which was first seen in the Vivofit Jr 2 activity trackers is also part of the upgrade. Lastly, Garmin has managed to make the tracker smaller than before in terms of physical size.

Traditionally, the Vivofit series of trackers are charging-free and run on coin cell batteries that lasts up to a year and the Vivofit 4 is no different. I still have my original Vivofit activity tracker which I use every now and then because those were robustly made and could connect to external HR monitors.

The external HR monitor capability has since been removed in the Vivofit 4; signalling the intent to keep the Vivofit series frills free or simply the lack of use of such a feature.vivofit 4 family

Personally, I think Garmin has pushed the limits to what an entry level wrist worn activity tracker is capable of. The Vivofit 4 may come with Toe-to-toe compatibility along weather display and even find my phone features, but it’s still a hard sell with a mere 11mm x 11mm display.

And since both Garmin’s Vivosmart 3 and the standalone Vivosport are already capable on their own with just a feature or two differentiating the two, the latest Vivofit 4 is going to find it hard to gain traction as the price differentiation amongst Garmin’s numerous wrist activity trackers isn’t wide. (As of publication, the Vivosmart 3 was spotted on Amazon for just $99.99)

The wearable is available in White (S/M), Limegreen Speckled (S/M) and Black (S/M and L) for a suggested retail price of $79.99, available on today. Interchangeable accessory bands are available in a Speckled Merlot and Speckled Navy combo pack (S/M) for $29.99. Accessory bands in Speckled Black (S/M), White (S/M) and Black (S/M and L) are available for individual purchase for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Source: Garmin

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