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August 14, 2017

In spite of the multitude of wearables on the market, there are times when we just want to go back to the good old analogue or Casio. Yet when we do that, there’s the disappointment that the activity will not be tracked, for me at least. A company by the name of Gooseberry has come up with a very simple solution stemming from a problem of overbuying and under-using. And their Smart Buckle promises to do entry level activity tracking with good old non-fitness tracking watches.

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The concept isn’t new and we’ve seen it on the Chronos disc, and a variation of sorts in the Welt belt. Most watches have their smarts built into the device itself and feature changeable wrist bands. And that’s where Gooseberry’s Smart Buckle comes in. The company bucks the trend by engineering the smarts into the buckle while leaving the actual watch unscathed.

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So just by swapping the regular watch buckle for the Smart Buckle, the user instantly ” upgrades” a regular watch to a smart watch, a pseudo one that is.

smart buckle compatible with Gfit and Ahealth

The Smart Buckle is capable of entry level activity tracking such as steps, calories, distance, and sleep. It’s also IP57 certified and will be good for sweaty runs and all except swimming.

The tracked stats are compatible with both Apple Health and Google Fit; both of which does a decent job as the collection hub for your physical ventures.

Besides activity tracking, the Smart Buckle will also have LED indicators for smart notifications.


The company has also gone ahead and did their own “product testing” versus Fitbit device and seem proud of the outcome. The rechargeable buckle itself will last up to a week of use with 8-10 hours of wear daily.

smart buckle family

The Smart Buckle currently fits watch straps 20mm wide and is available in three colours; stainless steel, gunmetal black and rose gold. The wearable will retail for $99 but you can get your hands on a unit for 50% off at USD 49 if you head over to the company’s crowdfunding campaign.

Source: Gooseberry 

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