Huami and Territory Studio Design World’s Most Futuristic Smartwatch Interfaces

November 1, 2018

Huami is partnering up with Territory Studio to design futuristic user interfaces for the Amazfit Verge smart watch.

Perhaps to provide some context. Huami is the second largest wearable company in the world – they manufacture the Amazfit Stratos, Amazfit Bip, and is the sole partner with Xiaomi for the Mi Band series of wearables.

amazfit verge UI

Territory Studio is a creative specialist with interests in film, advertising, screen graphics and many more. To put into perspective, those holographic designs you see in Ghost in a Shell and Pacific Rim: Uprising were designed by Territory Studio.

Huami is hoping to tap on Territory Studio’s expertise to design user interfaces that represent the future of technology – specifically something Hollywood  and superhero in style.

“Informed by Amazfit’s advanced features and functions, we saw this as a fantastic opportunity to push the visual language conventions of wearables,” explains Marti Romances, creative director, Territory Studio. “The quality of Huami’s AMOLED screen is the best we’ve seen in a smartwatch, but we needed to overcome the restrictions of screen real estate. The clarity and discipline of designing for film, where information needs to be conveyed quickly and easily at a glance, helped us make the leap from silver screen to watch face.”


At present, 3 unique UIs that visualize different creative approaches to data sets, including heart rate, calories, steps, air pressure, and more have been delivered by Territory design.

For those of us at the consumer end of the chain, it’s interesting to note the amount of thought that goes into not only the hardware of a wearable but the software as well. And in this case, the engaging of a creative company to design the user interface specifically.

Kudos to Amazfit for the attention to details and I’m definitely looking forward to the Verge smart watch.

Source: Amazfit

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