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November 6, 2016

Huawei packs physiological measurements with heart rate monitoring and detailed sleep tracking into their latest fitness device. Meet the new Huawei Fit smart watch.($129)

Huawei designed the watch as a perfect fitness companion to every body regardless of fitness levels. For starters, Huawei has leveraged on FirstBeat’s expertise in physiological analytics and the Huawei fit is capable of providing VO2 max and recovery duration estimates. These are usually stats you get on higher end fitness watches such as the Forerunner 735XThuawei fit watch-featureThe IP68 certified Huawei Fit has on board profiles for tracking walking, running, cycling, treadmill workouts and swimming. At the end of a workout, the watch will provide stats such as distant, duration, average pace, calories, heart rate range, exercise result score, new records, VO2 max and recovery time.

The watch can even design running plans, give real time guidance during a session, and export reports upon session completion. Huawei Fit does not have on board GPS so the stats are likely accelerometer estimated. Nonetheless, very impressive what Huawei has done so far.huawei fit mobile-app-and-vo2-maxAnother feature worth noting is the detailed sleep analysis including the evaluation of light and deep sleep stages. Huawei listed the adoption of Pittsburgh sleep quality index and polysomnography in providing detailed sleep analysis reports.

The review of all the tracked stats can be done on Huawei Wear mobile app.

List of features of the Huawei Fit

  • All day activity tracker. Records steps, distance, calories burned and duration of sleep
  • Multi-Sport mode. Tracks walking, running, cycling, treadmill workouts and swimming
  • Physiological measurements such as V02 max and recovery time
  • Running plan design
  • Smart notifications
  • All day heart rate monitoring including exercise
  • Vibration enabled
  • Detailed sleep analysis
  • IP68 and 5 ATM water resistance
  • 6 days battery life

huawei fit on-watch-cyclingWhen it comes to battery life, the Huawei Fit claims a full 6 days worth of functioning before requiring a charge. But this does not take into account activity tracking sessions so the actual usage duration is likely to be shorter.

The Huawei Fit ($129) comes with standard 18/20mm wrist band changeability options with two versions of finish; Moonlight Silver and Titanium Grey.

The watch is already available for retail with the black version exclusive to Best Buy for the first 60 days and the blue and orange version at major online retailers such as Amazon.

Source: Huawei


  • Reply the5krunner November 6, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    it looks ok. maybe the screen is a bit poor??? the youtube vid is bizarre!? clever uses of stats at that price point as you say, even tho they are mostly useless to the target audience 🙂 are you going to get one?

    • Reply Michael S November 7, 2016 at 12:43 pm

      I haven’t gotten my hands on a unit so I can’t really say for now. But I do have my suspicion that the screen might not fare well under bright light since it’s LCD in nature. Keeping fingers crossed.

      Personally I thought it’s amazing what Huawei did and at that price. Pity the lack of GPS but it’s a good sign what’s to come should the company decide to continue churning out activity trackers!

      Sure I’d be getting one. More for comparison rather than for review purposes.


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