Jawbone UP challenges you to a Duel

June 20, 2015

The new Duels system can be found in the UP mobile apps.

Jawbone just introduced the duel system to their UP mobile fitness tracking platform. This is unlike the usual friends ranking where you benchmark yourself against your friends step count for example. This is war with texts and emoticons.

The new duel system formalises the competition in which 2 or members on the UP platform pit their steps count against each other. Jawbone has even gone to the extent of coming up with rules detailing the parameters which the competition will be conducted.


Users can choose between a 24 hour duration, 3 days and up to a week. Jawbone UP system does not have the in-app messaging system that Fitbit platform had all along so this duel system allows Jawbone users to text or send emoticons to each other.


I had a run with the Jawbone UP duel system and I must say it is comparable to that from the Fitbit platform. You can be assured you’d be getting updates whenever your friend passes you in  terms of step count. As stated earlier, duelists can also message or cheer each other on with three default emoticons.


The Jawbone UP app platform utilises the motion sensor chips in later Apple devices and is available to users who do not own any of Jawbone’s trackers. So if you’re intending to purchase a fitness tracker to a more active lifestyle, you can try out the app platform from Jawbone or even Fitbit, Withings and Microsoft.

Let the Duel begin.

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