Jawbone UP2

April 18, 2015


Read the Jawbone UP2 review here.

With fresh funds from Black Rock, Jawbone has followed up on the delivery of the long awaited Jawbone UP3 with 2 new trackers; the Jawbone UP2 and UP4.

The Jawbone UP2 is essentially a slim profile Jawbone UP24 with a respectable price reduction. Functions are largely identical to the UP24 though the aesthetics department received a much needed boost. Gone are the thick bands that slip on the wrist. The new UP2 fitness trackers wears like a strap and is a one size fits all.

In line with the previous Jawbone trackers, the new Jawbone UP2, and the upcoming Jawbone UP4, are devoid of any smart phone notifications; going against the tide of activity trackers featuring smart phone notifications.

In the words of Yves Behar “While some companies are trying to make their products do everything, we are trying to make our products do what you need them to do – to be there for you 24/7.”

I couldn’t agree more.


The bands look near identical but are priced differently based on the functions with $99 for the Jawbone UP2, $179 for the UP3 featuring activity recognition, and $199 for the UP4 that features payment capability by connecting an AMEX card to it.


What I particularly like is that the slim profile band is almost accessory like in terms of appearance thus allowing the user to still strap on a watch and not look silly.

Both the Jawbone UP2 and Jawbone UP3 are available for purchase online at Jawbone.

The Jawbone Up4 will be available in summer 2015. The long delayed Jawbone UP3 has finally shipped and I’m hoping to receive mine for a write up in a week or so.

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