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January 27, 2017

Lifebeam Vi is a pair of AI enabled Harmon Kardon earphones that is heavy on the activity tracking front. It can measure real time heart rate and voice coach the user through workouts based on physiological data and goals.

The Lifebeam Vi earphones is compatible with popular apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health Kit, Apple Music, Strava, Spotify.  This is a smart move considering most wearable tech companies, while great with hardware, are less than stellar with software and mobile app presentation.

That being said, Lifebeam does have its own companion mobile app for the Vi earphones.Lifebeam Vi earphones feature

Lifebeam Vi features:

  • Heartrate sensor
  • 6 axis acelerometer, barometer and gyro meter
  • In-ear detection sensor
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Earbud touch for voice trigger
  • 8 hours usage on single charge
  • Earbud customization kit with sized fins and ear gels
  • High fidelity sound powered by Harman Kardon
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Water and sweat resistant (IPX5)

LifeBeam Vi’s AI can peg training intensity to the user’s fitness levels and goals. The full Vi experience is only possible when the headphone set is used in conjunction with the companion app; it allows the user to start and stop workouts, track biometrics, measure and store data, track features like elevation and GPS, and play music while training.

Outside of workouts, the Vi companion app can be used to plan training,  review progress, and customize Vi.

The Vi headphones boasts 8 hours plus of usage on a single charge; about a week’s worth of usage assuming an hour of training daily.Lifebeam Vi earphones on female modelThe company promised future updates and upgrades that will increase capabilities and expand workout activities. Presently, the Vi earphones supports running, cycling and walking though more activities will be added in the future.

I thought Lifebeam Vi’s concept is great save for the neckband design. I for one can’t fathom having a neckband bounding about my neck during my runs thought it should be fine for walking and cycling.

The Lifebeam Vi is expected to ship in February 2017 and costs $279. You can order it here.

Source: Lifebeam

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