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November 12, 2017

Forget Gatorade, 100 Plus, and all the other scientifically researched hydration options because there’s a new drink in town and it comes with its own mixer. You. LifeFuels was founded by Jonathon Perrelli & Rob Lawson-Shanks in 2014 and their soon to be released product allows consumers to create personalised beverages on the go!

LifeFuels today announced that it has received a CES Innovation Award in the Sports, Fitness and Biotech Category for the second time since 2016. The system consist of a BPA-free life proof bottle along with dispensible FuelPods.

lifefuels pods

The pods, with funky names like Natural Energy, Hydrate Plus and Daily Essentials, are actually packed with essential vitamins and nutrients in liquid form. So the user dispenses the liquid into the bottle which is then mixed with water to create personalised mixes.

“LifeFuels wants to change the way people manage nutrition. We developed the Smart Nutrition Bottle to make it easier for consumers to accomplish their nutrition goals by connecting what they’re already familiar with: a water bottle, a smartphone and nutritional products,” said Jonathon Perrelli, co-founder and CEO of LifeFuels.

lifefuels pod into bottle

The Lifefuels system has immense potential since every individual differs in terms of nutritional and hydration needs. But what’s lacking is the science behind the pods and how things will pan out in reality.

The truth is, we get most of what the body requires with a sensible balanced diet. And in the event we don’t, I doubt anyone truly understands how much of each micro-nutrient the body  requires to warrant “topping” up via external means – such as multi-vitamins or supplements.

Nevertheless, I’m both keen and curious about the LifeFuels system as it’s taking a big step towards understanding how each body expends and refuels nutrients.

The founding duo actually redesigned their bottle after winning the CES innovation award in 2016 because the product wasn’t good enough. A year later, they’re back. LifeFuels is launching sales in early 2018. Their award-winning product will be showcased at CES 2018 from January 9th – 12th.

Source: Business Wire

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