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October 14, 2015

The company that wanted to help you improve your posture now wants to work on your running form. Lumo Bodytech’s newest product, the Lumo Run, aims to track all you running metrics and help you become a better runner by improving your running form.


Lumo Run sensor tucked into a pair of women’s capris.

The lab grade 9-axis accelerometer within the Lumo Run sensor is powered by advanced algorithm to capture data from your running mechanics. The tiny sensor is inserted into custom running shorts or women’s capris; both on sale at Lumo Bodytech.

The Lumo Run tracks cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation and stride length. A single charge lasts up to a month and to further pique your interest, the user will be able to access real time coaching feedback rather than wait till post exercise after data is synced.

In order to improve running technique, Lumo Bodytech collaborated with leading sports biomechanics experts at Loughborough university in UK to identify key characteristics for the ideal running form. The concept is intriguing as there isn’t a one size fit all optimum running form.


It’d also be interesting to see if Lumo Run’s coaching feedback guarantees a better running form in terms of performance and injury reduction. We’ll know in due time once I get my hands on a unit to review. 2 other products that are slightly similar in terms of functions are the Moov Now and Garmin’s HRM-RUN.


You can pre-order the Lumo Run with men’s shorts at the special price of $99 before it retails at the recommended retail price of $149. The women’s capris with sensor bundle is going for the special price of $119 before it retails at $169.

Sources: Lumo Bodytech

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