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July 16, 2017

After Emporio Armani and Tag Heuer’s entry to the smart watch arena, fashion dominion Louis Vuitton has joined the fray with the LV Tambour Horizon smart watch powered by Android Wear.

The campaign for the Tambour Horizon is probably the most star studded of all the luxurious smart watches thus far. Featuring celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Jaden Smith, Miranda Kerr and even Gong Yoo from Korean drama “Goblin” among many others.

LV Tambour Horizon in story

Despite the fact that the Tambour Horizon is powered by Android Wear, the limited hardware prevents the watch from fully exploiting the OS. For starters, this watch ships without optical HR sensors and the 300mAh battery only runs up to a day on a full charge.

Then again, if you can afford this watch without batting an eyelid, you’d probably have a fitness trainer (human, not AI) on call. Without the fitness focused hardware, this watch is clearly designed for the discerning traveler enjoying the high life.

LV Tambour Horizon changeable watch faces

The most distinctive feature about this watch, besides the fact that it’s emblazoned with the LV monogram, is its focus on travel and exploration. The exclusive “City Guide” brings up LV recommendations about open venues near the user and lists details such as distance from user and contact. The “My Flight” feature makes essential information such as flight times, gate number, delays, remaining time to destination available at a glance.

Needless to say, options are heavy on the personalisation front with exclusive LV watch faces and 60 different changeable snap-on wrist straps to suit any occasion. At an additional cost of course.

The LV Tambour Horizon will retail in three different case finishes: Graphite (brushed steel), Black (black-coated steel), and Monogram (polished steel) with the basic model starting at $2450. More details available at the dedicated LV Tambour Horizon site.

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