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November 6, 2017

Marc Jacob announced the availability of their Riley Hybrid smartwatch two months back and while it didn’t gain the traction that Apple Watch Series 3 did, it sure turned heads.

When it comes to styling up the throng of smart watches flooding the market, a fashion designer’s touch does wonders. I’ve seen my fair share of smart watches and most tend to look too sporty (think Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin) or simply Apple Watch.

Michael Kor’s take on smart watches is a tad too bling for my liking but Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid has that touch of fun without being overtly edgy.

The watch face is analogue but the Riley Hybrid connects to compatible mobile devices via Bluetooth and that’s when it exhibits its smarts.

The watch functions as an all day activity tracker with extras thrown in; controls music playback on connected mobile device and acts as a remote for phone camera.

marc jacob riley hybrid family

The Riley Hybrid doesn’t run Android Wear but syncs to the Marc Jacobs connected app that’s available on both Google Play and App Store. The watch also ditches rechargeables and opted for a standard battery instead.

Marc Jacob Riley Hybrid features:

  • Hybrid Smart watch

Marc Jacob’s Riley Hybrid collection is priced at $175 and is readily available now at Amazon.

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