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June 28, 2017

This week I chanced upon another posture coaching device that does more than well, posture coaching. You might have heard of Lumo Lift, Upright Posture Trainer and even the no frills Poze trainer. The Mevics wearable joins the fray and start their Kickstarter campaign today.

It’s undeniable that the present economy puts more people on their seats for longer duration than ever. Health issues such as back discomfort, rounded shoulders and forward head tilt are becoming the norm in the last decade with the proliferation of hand held mobile devices and desk bound jobs.

Mevics on female model

Sensing an opportunity to help people keep a good posture and put their skills to good use, Mevics was born from a group of Ukranian students from Odesa National Polytechnic University.

“We are all programmers, and at some point we started noticing that people who spend their day in front of the computer slouch and are unaware of hurting their overall health. Since we already had certain research done in the field, we knew what to do next”, says company CEO Viktor Laushtan.

Mevics hardware picture

The device comprises of 2 parts, the Mevics wearable and a pill sized magnet. Simply attach the 8mm thick Mevics wearable underneath your clothing and attach it via the magnet. The wearable will vibrate every time the user “slouches” to remind the wearer to sit up straight.

Mevics mobile app

The collected data is then synced and recorded to Mevics’ mobile app where the user may peruse the statistics of sitting straight, steps made, distance walked, calories spent.

According to Mevics’ press materials, the wearable will stay on your clothing even when you jog or run which is pretty impressive. I’m just unsure how comfortable it might be given that they device attaches to clothing and will likely bounce around like no tomorrow.

I’ve used both Lumo Lift and Upright Posture Trainer and wouldn’t recommend either for exercise though they both do a decent job at reminding the user to keep good posture. Likewise for Mevic.

A gentle reminder from a wearable does help one with keeping a proper posture though it’s really up to the user at the end of the day to get the butt off the chair and go for a walk or run; it takes 2 hands to clap after all.

You can head over to Mevic’s Kickstarter campaign where you can fund the project for a mere $49 with shipping slated for December 2017.

Source: Mevic

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