MICA is Fit for Fashion

September 4, 2014
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MICA, designed to complement a woman’s social and work life.

Come September 7th 2014 at the Opening Ceremony Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show, we will witness the successful collaboration between fashion and tech, Opening Ceremony and Intel. The birth of MICA, “My Intelligent Communication Accessory.”

MICA is a fashion accessory designed with the fashionable female in mind. This is not your run of the mill activity tracker that’s chocked full of features and look fitting nowhere else other than for exercise. We’re talking materials like semi-precious stones, water snakeskin and curved sapphire glass touchscreen display.The smart bracelet is designed by Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim with Intel providing the technological expertise.

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Wearable tech never looked so chic.

Besides looking gorgeous, MICA is no pushover in the technology department. The smart bracelet receives notifications like SMS and meetings alerts from smartphone devices with additional features and functions to be released at a later date. With the purchase of Basis under its belt since March 2014, can we expect to see the new Intel Body IQ and Social IQ technology in MICA? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

MICA will be available in 2 styles. One style will feature black watersnake skin, pearls from China, and lapis stones from Madagascar. The other will feature white watersnake skin, tiger’s eye from South Africa, and obsidian from Russia. The smart bracelet will be available at select Barneys and Opening Ceremony stores by holiday 2014.

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