Michael Kors Access

March 19, 2016

Come Fall 2016, Michael Kors will be entering the smart watch scene in a big way by adopting the Android Wear platform beginning with the MICHAEL KORS ACCESS display smartwatch.


The Michael Kors Access Sporty version.

For starters, there are only 2 versions of the Michael Kors Access smart watch, one for each gender. The male version is sportier looking while the female versions emanates glamour.

Both watches have built in activity tracking capability and a single swipe across the touch enabled display changes exclusive Michael Kors watch face.

“Why can’t tech accessories be chic and glamorous? You wear them every day. After all, technology is impacting life more and more. It should reflect your personal taste as much as anything else, but it should also give you access to all the experiences that you want.” -Michael Kors-

List of features:

  • Touch screen enabled display
  • Exclusive Michael Kors display faces, which change with a swipe— digital chronograph design for the gym or glittering, animated pavé for night
  • Interchangeable leather and silicone wristbands
  • Glamorous versions for women and sporty versions for men
  • Social media updates and text and email alerts
  • App notifications
  • Smart help from Google™
  • Built-in fitness tracking
  • Voice-activated Google™

Michael Kors Access Glamorous version.

At as press, the technical aspects of the smart watches remain unknown. The MICHAEL KORS ACCESS smartwatch will retail starting at $395 USD and will be available in Michael Kors stores, and select department and specialty stores in fall 2016.

Watchmakers are embracing smart watches in a huge way by adding their own perspectives on the design. The core of the watch is either mechanical, Android Wear or something completely in house created such as the case of the Brietling Exospace B55.

Traditional watch makers such as Fossil and Tag Heuer have already lent their design philosophy in their own smart watch releases. Guess released their own Connect series of smart watches last year and Iris Apfel dabbled with activity trackers design with the WiseWear. With Michael Kors on board, you can be sure it’s only a matter of time before other fashion houses join in.

Source: Business Wire

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