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November 17, 2017

Mio Global was one of the first to the wearable market to actively push strapless EKG accurate fitness watches and activity trackers for sports related use.

Some of their more notable products include the Mio Fuse, Mio Alpha series and the Mio Slice. A once off-collaboration with Garmin birthed the Forerunner 225; a stepping stone to more wrist based HR measuring wearables from Garmin once that partnership ended.

Today, Mio Global announced that the company will no longer produce wearable hardware themselves but will instead opt to grow in the direction of sensor analytics in their bid to expand their in-house PAI ecosystem.

However, the company will continue to provide support for purchased Mio products.

mio global PAI system

The PAI is proprietary algorithm based on the Hunt study, an population based health study from Norway. It is individualised and the science behind PAI is robust. Execution is easy to follow for most people – maintain 100 PAI points for the past 7 days. Truly a noteworthy alternative to the ubiquitous step count.

A quick check with the company’s website shows that the only product still available for purchase is the Mio Slice. Older products are no longer available from Mio’s online store.

Come early 2018, the company hopes to make available a PAI Apple Watch app; offering consumers the science of the PAI system along with Apple’s technologically advanced smart watch.

“PAI tracks an individual’s heart response to activity and provides guidance on the most time-effective way to contribute to living longer. Washing the car, hill sprints, or climbing stairs, can all contribute to your overall health. Our vision is for PAI to evolve as an advisor, to give people the insights they need to know about their long-term health and fitness, and I am excited to use my experience as a leader of business and innovation to help Mio scale, transition, and positively impact health around the world,” said Peter Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Mio Global.

The PAI system has been validated with the findings published in the American Journal of Medicine. Naturally it only makes sense for Mio to champion the adoption of their proprietary metric over their hardware.

To signal the alignment of this new focus, Mio Global will be changing its name to PAI Health.

Here’s wishing Mio all the best as they switch focus to another segment in wearable tech.

Source: Mio Global

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