Misfit adds web dashboard for its wearables.

June 17, 2015

Starting today, owners of Misfit Flash and Shine can access their tracked stats on the web. With the implementation of the wed bashboard, Misfit wearables joins the ranks of companies like Fitbit, Withings and Nike who provide both mobile apps and web dashboards for users of their fitness tracking devices.




Upon logging in to the web dashboard, I was able to access my own data up to the point when I first wore the Misfit Shine activity tracker a year back. While the mobile app was able to provide the same amount of data, it required excessive scrolling.

All I can say is the web dashboard features friendlier user interface, and it’s a breeze to search for past tracked stats compared to the mobile app platform.

Misfit has been making headways into Internet of Things with collaboration with companies like IFTT, Logitech, Spotify, Nest and more. The company’s own line of Bolt LED light bulbs connect wirelessly and allows the user to transform the home or work environment with beautiful lightscapes such as simulated sunrise.

The Flash tracker can also be used as a remote to start and stop playlists from Spotify or even unlock your own August Smart Locks. Read the full list of features here.

The arrival of the Apple Watch also prompted the company to release the Misfit Minute, an automated workout coaching app, available exclusively on Apple Watch.

Misfit has always ranked high for me in terms of riding the trend and software upgrades. If you’re looking to buy the Misfit Flash or Shine tracker, usually lists those at a significant discount off the recommended retail price.

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