Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor

July 12, 2014

The Misfit Beddit sleep monitor.

Misfit Wearables has just added a new gadget to its ecosystem of monitoring tools; the Misfit Beddit sleep monitor.

Previously, sleep quality on the Misfit Shine tracker was through tracking of bodily movements during sleep. The new Misfit Beddit sleep monitor tracks parameters like duration, heart rate, respiratory rate, time to fall asleep and even include functions to detect snoring. The Misfit Beddit system will also wake you up at the most appropriate time of your sleep cycle.

The company Beddit already sells sleep monitors that look identical to the Misfit Beddit system, sans the Misfit brand and logo. The Beddit sleep monitor is developed in cooperation with Helsinki Sleep Clinic, VitalMed Research Center and professor Markku Partinen; an expert in the field of sleep research. You can be assured there’s some hard science behind the sleep monitoring.

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Sleep stats on the Misfit app.

The Misfit Beddit is placed on the bed or under the sheets. Data from the Misfit Beddit is synced to your Misfit app so you can get all the data in one glance; your physical activities from the Shine tracker and sleep data from the Misfit Beddit.

With the release of the Misfit watchapp on the Pebbles smart watch platform and the  Misfit Beddit sleep monitoring system,  Misfit is expanding the quantifiable battle beyond the wrist and into the bedroom.

Well played Misfit.

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