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December 21, 2015

Among the multiple trackers that Misfit has rolled out over the years,  the Flash tracker is the single one device that has seen 2 adaptations; first as a Flash Link smart controller and just recently as a cadence monitor for bicycles in the form of the Misfit Flash Cycling Edition.misfit-flash-cycling-edition.rpm-on-bikeThe new Misfit Flash Cycling Edition looks identical to a regular Misfit Flash fitness tracker sans the Misfit Link connectivity. Besides functioning as a cadence meter, the Misfit Flash Cycling Edition will also track your daily activities such as steps taken, distance, calories, sleep and allows the user to tag exercises such as tennis, yoga and even swimming. The Misfit Flash Cycling Edition is also water resistant to 30m and runs on a user-replaceable coin cell battery that promises 6 months of usage without requiring charging.

To function as a cadence monitor, simply pop the Misfit Flash Cycling Edition tracker out of the wrist strap, fit it in the sports clasp and wear it on the shoes. In order to see the cycling metrics, you’ll have to download and install the Misfit Cycling app which is available on both Google Play store and App store.misfit-flash-cycling-edition-screen-captureFrom screen captures, it appears the Misfit Cycling app can also tap on the smart phone’s GPS functions and provide more metrics such as distance, elevation, speed, route cycled on map and calories burned on top of the RPM. misfit-flash-cycling-edition-on-black-shoePresently this new fitness tracker from Misfit is compatible with apps such as Strava, Cyclemeter, MapMyRide, MayMyFitness, Wahoo and iBiker with more app compatibility in the future. Misfit Flash Cycling Edition is available, in reef colour only, at the recommended retail price of $49.99 at

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