Misfit Flash Fitness and Sleep Monitor

September 17, 2014
shine flash group copy

The new Misfit Flash in 7 different colours. Picture from

Misfit Wearables just announced the release of a new fitness tracker; one aimed at the trendy and sporty with colours like Zest, Frost, Fuchsia to boot. With functions near identical to the Misfit Shine tracker, the main draw here has to be the price and perhaps the array of colours available.

comparison chart Nov 2014

Misfit Flash and Shine comparison chart.

The Misfit Flash can be worn almost anywhere on the body; wrist, lapel, shoe, hip and so on. The app looks similar to the Misfit Shine app and features leadership board challenges, trends over time, daily goals and personal records. Misfit Flash compatibility for Windows Phone is in the works.

Running on a CR2032 coin cell battery, the hassle of charging your fitness tracker is eliminated. Throw in waterproof-ness up to 30m, the Flash has qualities that sets itself apart from the competition.

group worn misfit flash

Misfit Flash for the sporty and colourful. Pictures from

Priced attractively at $49.99, one cannot help but compare the Flash with the equally brightly coloured Fitbit Zip released more than a year ago. We definitely welcome the Misfit Flash; near identical features with the Misfit Shine, with a lower price.

The Misfit Flash will be available Fall 2014 and pre-orders are being accepted now. Read more here.

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