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October 20, 2016

The new Misfit Phase hybrid smart watch is a clear indication that Fossil, which acquired Misfit Wearables, is combining their watch expertise with Misfit’s wearable smarts. Put simply, it was a matter of time before a product of this nature births from the acquisition. misfit phase rose-gold-and-leatherSporting a classic time piece appearance, the Misfit Phase functions as a full fledged fitness tracker that counts steps, distance, calories and sleep. There are only 2 physical buttons on the smart watch.

Instead of placing a progress dial on the watch face, Misfit has opted to let the hands do the talking; be it to indicate activity progress, alarm or even smart notifications. Great idea!smartphone-notificationsAs with all Misfit fitness tracking devices, the signature non charging feature is retained in Misfit’s maiden smart watch. A single user replaceable coin cell battery powers the Misfit Phase for up to 6 months. misfit-phase-connected-to-misfit-link-appWhen it comes to smart watch functions, the user can receive color-coded vibration alert on the Misfit Phase when calls, texts, emails, or app notifications come in.

Also, when configured with the Misfit Link app, the smart watch can be customised to call your phone, take selfies, control lights, music, and other connected devices.

List of features of the Misfit Phase

  • All day activity tracker. Counts steps, calories, distance and sleep
  • Watch hands serves to display activity progress, time, smart notifications and alarm
  • Vibration enabled for smart notifications and alarm
  • Tag specific activities, like running or yoga
  • Functions as a smart button to call your phone, take selfies, and control lights, music
  • Up to 6 months battery life on a single coin cell  battery
  • Rated 5 ATM water resistance

misfit-phase-multiple-customisation-optionsAnd the best part? Misfit Phase will be available in 6 colours with changeable watch straps of different colour and material. misfit-phase-on-model-handFor Misfit, it’s a new realm the company is treading into. The smart watch market is a brutal one with few big players that also manufacture mobile hand sets; smart watches have largely remained an extension of mobile phones. It was only recently that Samsung and Apple made a concerted effort to imbue smart watches with independence features such as GPS tracking for fitness.

Certainly the Misfit Phase is “smarter” than it’s competing counterparts such as Garmin’s Vivomove and Withings Activite Steel due to its IoT features. Interestingly, this might be Misfit’s smartest move; to not compete with the big boys.

The Misfit Phase will retail for $174-$195 depending on make of watch strap.

Source: Misfit Wearables

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