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September 20, 2015

Validated by Speedo’s Aqualab testing, the new Speedo Shine (RRP $79.99) tracks laps and distance swam so you don’t have to. Throw in 24/7 activity tracking and this collaboration between Misfit Wearables and Speedo seemed to have conquered both land and water. I got my hands on a Speedo Shine about 4 days back when it finally landed on the shores of Singapore. Let’s take a quick look at this newest tracker from Misfit Wearables.speedo shine -in-Box



  • 24/7 activity tracker, tracks steps, sleep, distance and calories burned
  • Tracks more than just swimming—also tracks walking, running, cycling, and more
  • Accurately counts laps and distance swam, validated by Speedo’s Aqualab testing
  • Runs on coin cell battery
  • Tells time
  • Can be worn multiple ways, necklace, belt clip, wrist band etc


  • Does not count number of strokes or swim stroke type


Stylish packaging,very signature of Misfit. The picture shows only 1 wrist band but there’s actually 2 bands with every pack, a white and a black wrist band. Battery is seperately packed with a simple tool to pry open the Speedo Shine activity tracker. The magnetic clasp is the last accessory you can use to quickly attach it to your belt or shoes.speedo shine -accessoriesNow I have a habit of wearing the trackers on the hip and I have to confess that I also lost the original Misfit Shine in the same manner. I suspect the magnetic clasp doesn’t hold tightly enough and easily gets caught on big metal surfaces. True enough, I lost the Speedo Shine 4 days after it arrived. I’ve since emailed Misfit Support and am hoping they can help me out.speedo shine -action-clipWhat’s new this time round is also an extra accessory in the form of an action clip that attaches to the back of the Speedo Shine unit when placed in a wrist band. I’m assuming this extra piece of accessory helps to keep the Shine tracker in the wristband. If you’re intending to engage in some serious swimming or physical activities, put the action clip on.


One of the most prominent changes I noticed was how the mobile dashboard is now blue instead of the previous maroon/purplish background. The “Speedo” logo is emblazoned across the dashboard; some subtle advertising there.speedo shine -dashboardLike all Misfit Wearbles trackers, the Speedo Shine is a competent activity tracker with a mobile app interface has hasn’t changed much the last year; it is familiar and trustworthy. Distance travelled and calories burned are estimated based on steps tracked and profile of user. Over time, the user can access weekly and monthly views.speedo shine -sleepSleep tracking is automated and duration is about right. Time and again I’ve stressed that I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on light and restful sleep unless it’s heavily backed by research data that correlates the sleep quality to that from a polysomnography.speedo shine -Shine-poolThe pool workout tracking is really the gist of the Speedo Shine. What the tracker does is not track the number of strokes but the number of laps based on a pre-set pool length. Once “Auto Lap Counting” is enabled, distance fixed, just triple tap to start swimming and leave the lap counting to Misfit. The type of strokes does not matter and the accuracy of the number of laps swam and distance is validated by Speedo’s Aqualab tests.


speedo shine -choosing-activityThe Speedo Shine tracker will also track periods of activity throughout the day and record it in the mobile app where the user can edit and tag the activity. The default activity is walking. I’m unsure how useful this feature is because there are days when I clock more than 15 sessions of physical activities and I can’t imagine myself editing and making sure that each session is correctly tagged.

The Speedo Shine will supposedly work with Speedo Fit mobile app.

The Misfit mobile app also allows me to add friends from around the world who are users of Misfit Wearables products, subject to their agreement of course.


Now because the algorithm is able to make sense of lap count and distance swam based on a pre-set pool length, it’s not of much use in open water. Also, it doesn’t track the type or number of strokes for now. As a pool workout companion, it’s strictly a device that will log all your workouts over time so you don’t have to.

If swimming is a regular activity you engage in, you’d understand the pain of forgetting the number of laps you’ve clocked. The Speedo Shine activity tracker will take over that part from you so you can focus on cutting through the water like a dolphin. However, if you’re someone who rarely go into pools, then opt for the lower priced Misfit Flash, Link or Shine. Those will work just fine.

Purchase the Speedo Shine from where there’s usually a small discount and free delivery depending on where you reside. Also, your purchase helps to fund the running of this site! Thanks for reading.


  • Reply David January 23, 2016 at 3:23 am

    I have used the misfit shine for swimming over the past fortnight. It consistently mis counts every sesssion by 2 laps. Yes I have double checked that I have not mis counted the laps and its a bit strange how it mis counts every time by 2 laps. I swim 40 laps a day and it shows 38 laps. The last 2 days I swam 42 laps and it showed 40 laps. What gives speedo, I thought this device was tested.

    • Reply Michael S January 23, 2016 at 12:50 pm

      David, have you contacted Misfit support? You might want to try doing that. They are usually prompt to reply and I’ve had the best experience with them so far.

  • Reply Thais February 14, 2016 at 3:22 am

    Hi, do you know if this watch have a alarm? For example, I have to swim 20 laps or 500m , it is possible that the watch let me know?

    • Reply Michael S February 14, 2016 at 6:32 am

      Hi Thais,

      No there’s no audio alarm nor vibrations for the Speedo Shine, just LEDs. Presently all it does is auto count the laps and you can’t set a target distance to hit unfortunately. You can contact misfit support and check if they intend to enable such a function in the near future.


  • Reply Barbara March 4, 2016 at 2:49 am

    I think the product is all looks no substance. I also find that it undercounts laps – loosing me vital Points with my health insurance. Seen no evidence of the much advertised swim tracking features (stroke etc) and the app is very basic. Attempts to link with mapmyfitness drag one into a frustrating, inescapable spiral of marketing/ sale pages. I’ve already bought the useless thing, don’t want to buy more, I want to use it!!!
    It is also a very poor sleep tracker. I was woken up at 1am by my child, walked around, changed beds twice but the sine claims I’ve been sleeping (both deeply & lightly!!!) got the entire time. Useless then for all the things I needed. The Fitbit charge HR is infinitely better at sleep tracking. Still no decent swim trackers out there??? Tried the Withings -only tracks time. I would not recommend this. Wish I’d not wasted my money on

    • Reply Michael S March 10, 2016 at 7:29 am

      Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your insights and hands on experience with the Speedo Shine.


  • Reply Rachel June 2, 2016 at 1:50 am

    I recently lost my speedo shine after using it daily since Christmas 2015. Did Misfit ever get back with you? I am a competitive swimmer and love the tracking of my swims by my shine, but cannot find it anywhere! I know generally where it was lost (a public pool of course) and would love to know if Misfit responded with any sort of help in trying to find a speedo shine!

    • Reply Michael S June 2, 2016 at 3:25 am

      Hi Rachel,

      Yes they did. Quite promptly if I may add. But this was quite a while back so I don’t speak on behalf of Misfit Support. I’d suggest you try it 🙂

      Michael S

    • Reply Suzi June 21, 2016 at 1:59 pm

      E-mail them! The contacted me very quickly and are working on a resolution for me.

  • Reply Amy June 12, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Does the misfit shine track heart rate? I’m looking for a waterproof heart rate monitor that I can wear all the time in all activities.

    • Reply Michael S June 13, 2016 at 2:49 am

      Hi AMy,

      It doesn’t. Have you considered the Garmin HRM-Tri? it’s a HRM strap designed specifically for swimming. You’ll need a Garmin watch to record the readings though.

      Hope that helps.

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