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March 27, 2017

Misfit’s newest entrant debuted to 6 CES awards from the likes of PC Magazine, Stuff, techrader and more. And Misfit Wearables have confirmed that the smart watch will be powered by Android Wear 2.0. The new Misfit Vapor smart watch is a completely new device in Misfit Wearable’s product line but it should come as no surprise since Fossil, with a wealth of experience in watch making, bought over the company last year. Misfit Vapor feature 1This is the first wearable from Misfit Wearables to feature an actual screen! Fans of Misfit would be familiar with their minimalist-looking activity trackers such as the Misfit Ray and the Shine 2.

Like most activity watches to ship this year, GPS, optical HR sensors, and music storage will form the standard fare for the Misfit Vapor. Putting it somewhat on par with the likes of Amazfit’s Pace, New Balance RunIQ and Polar’s M600. The Android and iOS friendly smart watch will feature in house built OS. Bold move on Misfit’s part.

Now because the full capabilities of the Misfit Vapor has yet to be finalised, it may differ significantly from what’s in print here.

Misfit Vapor confirmed features

  • Powered by Android Wear 2.0 with full smart watch features
  • A stunning 1.39” full round AMOLED display, accentuating a vibrant color palette in 326 pixels per inch
  • An accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and microphone to deliver world-class fitness tracking and smartwatch applications straight to the wrist
  • A touch bezel allows users to seamlessly browse Vapor’s menu of watch faces and applications, and respond to notifications, without obscuring content on the display
  • A Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 2100 processor and 4GB of memory as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Water resistance to 50 meters
  • A durable 44mm satin-finished stainless steel upper casing in Jet Black or Rose Gold

Interestingly, the Misfit Vapor will feature a touch bezel that allows the user to browse watch faces, apps, plus respond to notifications without obscuring the display. I thought this is ingenious given how the numerous swipes in a day mars the appearance of the watch display with smudges and fingerprints.

Numerous smart watches have shipped with Android Wear 2.0 and while the selection is immense, still have yet to make a huge impact in getting consumers to adopt these watches. Will Misfit’s Vapor fade like the rest or will it be able to stand on its own? Only time will tell. The smart watch is will retail for $199 when it’s eventually available.

Source: Misfit Wearables

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